Whoʼs Corvid?

The freelance artist’s best friend

Corvid and its services are powered by the seasoned team at The Jacky Winter Group—a creative representation and production company based in Melbourne and New York. Since 2007, Jacky Winter has proudly and fiercely carved paths for talented freelance artists to collaborate with agencies and clients of all kinds. Representing a roster of 100+ artists across the globe, we’ve negotiated and produced thousands of commissions for countless commercial applications.

What we believe

At the core of Jacky Winter and Corvid is a devotion to creating a healthy creative ecosystem: one in which artists can thrive and earn a livelihood doing what they love; and where clients can tap into a network of the world’s best talent, with peace of mind they're in the hands of professionals who get it done properly.

Where we’ve come from

Over the 12 years of Jacky Winter’s existence, we’ve received countless requests from artists outside the roster for help on various aspects of their careers and projects. As one of the only groups with the experience and know-how to help them, we’ve long considered how to bring that knowledge and support to a broader commercial art community, where full representation isn’t needed or feasible.

How we do it differently

That brings us to Corvid. While Jacky Winter remains an artist representation agency, catering to longer-term relationships with a select number of creators, Corvid flips the old model on its head to provide on-demand production services to freelance artists.

Inverting the traditional representation system, Corvid represents freelance producers rather than artists. It takes the full suite of custom tools developed by Jacky Winter to facilitate creative production and, most importantly, a team of dedicated specialists who have collectively negotiated and produced over 10,000 projects.

This same troop of accomplished Jacky Winter Agents and Producers now forms the Corvid starting lineup. Together, their experience in the creative industries is broad and their commitment to production runs deep. Our producers are fluent in both languages of artists and clients. They’re the translators, negotiators and people who make it happen. They look after both sides of the commercial equation—taking care of business so the artist can focus on the art and deliver the best possible outcome for the client.

The Corvid Team

Photo by Anu Kumar

In a nutshell

We believe creativity and business can share a mutually rewarding existence. But it needs glue to make it stick. That’s us. We’re driven to provide these services because we bloody love the visual medium and want to see it thrive. We’re in it for the long run to showcase creativity, guide our clients, protect our artists, inspire the up-and-comers, champion the veterans, to collaborate, connect and evolve—and do it better than anyone else.

Corvid is our way of giving as much as we can to artists, agencies and producers: taking our 12 years of experience and investing that back into our community (and the agency itself) so we can continue to support a healthy creative ecosystem.

Companion, Consult, and Community represent the very first steps in a long-term vision and we’re excited to share every new piece of that puzzle with you along the way.

What’s up with the name Corvid?

It comes from here! Corvids are the most creative and intelligent of the bird family, renowned for their problem-solving abilities.

In keeping with our avian theme (a Jacky Winter is an Australian robin), we wanted to call attention to one of the things we're most proud of here at Corvid: to continue reinvesting profits back into the business and industry, to develop better tools and processes—just like our amazing crow friends.

Corvids use their intelligence, memories and insight to solve challenges and like them, our producers work continuously behind the scenes to make our promotion and production processes the very best in the world.

Clients love us, too.

If they’ve ever worked with Jacky Winter, clients already know what it’s like to have a committed and proactive production partner taking the headache out of the commission process and making sure their brief is taken care of.

Now, with Corvid, artists can engage our services to ensure they're providing clients with the attention and professionalism they know it takes to truly give legs to a creative project.

Our commitment to clients is the same as our commitment to artists: we’re there to ensure nothing gets missed; that the brief, specs and timeline are clear; that everyone knows what they’re agreeing to in terms of budget, licensing and scope. We make sure the client’s money is spent where it should be and they’re only paying for what they actually need. We keep everything on track and hold our artists accountable for what they’re delivering.

We are a dedicated point of contact a client can call whenever they have questions, need revisions, want to change the brief or deliver difficult feedback. While the artist focuses on the artwork, we’ll be there to make sure the client's brief, time and money are respected. We’re the freelance artist’s best friend because we’re also the client’s best friend. The two are co-dependent and without positive conditions and outcomes for each, neither can thrive.