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An artist-only Slack group maintained by all star producers and artists. Free to join.

A place just for us.

Corvid Community is a Slack homebase for artists and image-makers. It’s not a folio site or just a place to hang out. It’s a subscription-only community dedicated to educating, giving feedback and learning. Powered and moderated by the expert Corvid producers.

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Corvid Community is a special place for commercial artists, so these details help us make sure you’re in the right place and that you’ll love your new pals. Once everything checks out, we’ll email you an invitation to join the Slack group.

2 Get in and chat to legends

Corvid Community is the only place filled with people who understand what you do. It’s home to pros experienced in commercial commissions, pricing, exhibiting, industry tools, and more. So talk shop!

3—Trust in us and get the goss

Community is brought to you by The Jacky Winter Group (a team of seasoned art producers with thousands of commercial commissions under the belt) for people just like you. That means articles, book recommendations, commentary and advice from their offices in Melbourne and New York. It’s your way in to any special projects, events, and happenings within the Jacky Winter and Corvid networks.

4 - Hone your craft

Dedicated channels to show off your latest works (or works in progress) and get feedback from a knowledgeable community. Plus, a monitored advice channel where you can directly access and pick the brains of the Corvid Companion crew.

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