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On-demand, head-to-toe production services for freelance artists. We sweat the details — you focus on the artwork.

Look good. Focus on work. Get paid.

You know how to create top-notch artwork, but do you know how to quote? How to keep revisions under control? When to engage third party suppliers? Our producers have negotiated thousands of contracts, navigated the most ambitious briefs and handled endless kinds of clients. Working with us means we take on all client communication and negotiation for you — from beginning to end. We mitigate the risks artists face and lay the foundations to get a commercial project off the ground and successfully over the finish line. We’re here to protect all fronts — artists, creative visions and project goals.

Hereʼs how it works.

1 Tell us about the project

Once you’ve filled out our form, we’ll review the details to make sure it’s something we can help with. If it’s good to go, we’ll assign you a producer and ask for an initial fee of $99AUD* to get things moving.

2 Brief your producer

Every artist and project is different, so we kick things off with a call to learn about you and your work. We’ll chat about the best way to approach the job together and answer any questions you may have.

Illustration: Marc Martin

3 Let us take care of it

Rare is the client with all the info you need to prepare an accurate quote. We’ll work with them on scope, specs, timelines and all the elements that may not have been considered (even the weird stuff). We’ve quoted on (and won) thousands of jobs, handling all of the sticky stuff, like licensing. We can even work with our legal team* to make sure your contract is ironclad. It’s about laying strong foundations to create your best work, with terms in plain English—all the protection, none of the jargon.

4 Breeze it to the finish line

Once the job’s signed off, we’ll use our suite of project management tools to set it up, with everything you and the client need within easy reach. You’ll collaborate closely with them on creative and we’ll be beside you to stay on top of timings, manage revisions, rebriefs, logistics, conflict mediation and anything else that pops up.

5 Get paid

You’ve sent final files to the client and we’ve sent the invoice with a nifty licence document, so they know exactly how they can and can’t use your work. We’ll chase and collect payment, transferring your fees* straight to you. We’ll even hunt down samples from the client and permission to show the work in your folio. Sorted!


Tax Invoice

Invoice No. 09527CV
Job no. CV1025
Issued on 27 Feb 2021
Payment term 30 days
Attention Art Vandelay
End Client J. Peterman Apparel
Project Launch Campaign Illustrations

Hi Art!

Lara here from Jacky Winter with your final invoice and registered license for Launch Campaign Illustrations or job number CV1025 as it's known around these parts.

Payment is due by Mar 29, 2021. To avoid any potential late fees, please get in touch as soon as possible should you need anything further from me in order to process this invoice.

Now, onto the fun stuff! Here’s a breakdown of your invoice total:


  • Rough Sketches 1,300.00
  • Tight Sketches 2,600.00
  • Final Artwork 2,600.00
  • File Preparation and Delivery 650.00
  • Materials 500.00
  • Final Artwork 400.00
  • Usage: Option A 2,100.00

Balance due:


Weʼre here to support you.

Producers on demand

Our producers have collectively negotiated and produced over 10,000 projects, worked with artists of every sort, and helped bring the craziest of ideas to life. They’re the translators, the negotiators, the people who make it happen. And they’re available to help you, whenever you need it. Get to know our team!

Corvid Producer — Aja Perrone
  • Publishing
  • Children's and YA
  • Storyboards and Visualisation
  • Editorial
  • Live Events

Aja is a true lover of the arts, especially music, as she highly values its power to influence ones emotions and state of mind. When producing, she hits the ground running with a diligent, can-do attitude and a willingness to adapt and see the project from all angles. She understands human behaviour and how to communicate to best suit the clients needs so to produce optimum results. When mentoring on an artists career trajectory, she takes a very supportive approach by guiding and providing the necessary building blocks for success - foundation is everything!

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Best-in-show tools

Custom presentations and beautiful paperwork to make you look damn good. You’re a pro—we’ll make sure the client knows it.

We get your time covered if anything changes—and we make sure there’s a paper trail to confirm it.

All work is protected by a licence agreement ** so you and the client are clear on when, where and how it can be used—and the cost if that changes.

Ironclad terms and conditions that keep you safe. Protection though kill fees and cancellation terms, clear scope outlines and definitions, indemnity, liability, warranties and beyond.

Our producers have worked with

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Tell us about you

Tell us about the project

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