FAQ for Corvid Consult

I’m a writer/illustrator/archaeologist /musician/photographer. Is Consult for me?

Our expertise lies in the production of original visual art, but (sadly) not photography at this stage. So if you’re an illustrator, animator, crafter or any other sort of image-maker creating original artworks for commercial clients, we’re the right people to give you answers. Not sure if your practice fits into these categories? Email us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

What sorts of things can you help me with?

We’ve taken all the things we’re asked for help with most and turned them into four key services you can book through Corvid Consult: Corvid Consult: 1) Pricing Guidance, 2)Folio Reviews and Career Advice, 3) Contract Reviews by Media Arts Lawyers, and 4) Assistance with Project and Client Management.

Below is a breakdown of what might fall under each service.

Pricing Guidance

How much should you charge for a project? To price something you have to take into account all sorts of things—the style of work, delivery specs, who the client is and how they’re going to use the artwork, market rates, schedules—and a bunch of other really important stuff. We can help you figure out what to charge for your artwork and licences based on many years of experience in doing just that. It’s professional guidance based on industry standards. We’ll assess the project from all angles and talk you through your options.

Folio Reviews and Career Advice

Knowing what to put in your folio and how to present it is hard. We’ll take a good look at your folio and assess its strong and weak points and anything that may be missing. We’ve had a lot of years in this industry and work with all sorts of clients and projects. Let us know what your goals are and we’ll help you work on what you should be doing to achieve them.

Contract Reviews by Media Arts Lawyers

Some contracts may as well be written in Klingon. All the legal jargon makes it tough to know what you’re signing over and whether an agreement actually protects your interests. Get peace of mind through a formal contract review by an experienced lawyer from the Creative Industries Team at Media Arts Lawyers. They’ll look at five important aspects of your contract (specifics further down below in the FAQs) and walk you through their advice.

Project and Client Management Advice

In the middle of a project and not sure how to handle it? We’ll help you figure out how to get the best brief out of a client, manage their various requests and revisions, get over the hurdles that come up during production, deal with client conflicts—or anything else that might be stressing you out.

Who are you? What qualifies Corvid to help me?

Corvid and its services (Community, Consult and Companion) is powered by the seasoned team at The Jacky Winter Group—a creative representation and production company based in Melbourne and New York. Since 2007, Jacky Winter has proudly and fiercely carved paths for talented freelance artists to collaborate with agencies and clients of all kinds. Representing a roster of 100+ artists across the globe, we’ve negotiated and produced thousands of commissions for an infinite variety of commercial applications. At the core of Jacky Winter and Corvid is a devotion to creating a healthy creative ecosystem—one in which artists can thrive and earn a livelihood doing what they love.

Our producers have worked across all sorts of projects—murals, packaging, street posters, live illustration, TVCs, 3D printed sculptures, logos, augmented and virtual reality, fully integrated all-media campaigns, animated GIFs... you name it. Our primary clients are advertising agencies, design studios, publishers, consultancies, and often direct to client. Together we’ve produced over 10,000 commercial projects. We know our stuff!

If you book a contract review you’ll be working directly with the specialised and experienced team at Media Arts Lawyers.

If you want to read more about Corvid and why we exist, head to our about page.

Is the consultation done in person or over the phone?

To fit into everyone’s crazy schedules all consultations are held over the phone or on Google Meet, if we need to allow for screen sharing functionality. We ask you to provide a backup contact method (eg. your home number, Skype, Whatsapp, etc.) when you book, just in case! We follow up all calls with an email outlining the discussion, so you have a record you can easily refer back to.

How long will my consultation go for?

It depends on the service you book. We’ve set time limits individually for each one, to make sure there’s time to give you everything you need. Specific information on the duration of each session is provided in the booking form. Please note, the times listed are maximum times and some appointments may run shorter if everything you need is covered off in the allotted time.

Why are there time limits on the consultations?

We’ve provided services like these for a long time, so we have a solid idea of how long it takes to give someone a good rundown of all the information they need. The time limits ensure we stay on track during the call and allow us to be on time for our next appointments. If you feel like you need more time, let us know and we’ll chat through your options.

What if I run out of time during my booked session? Can I go over time?

We’ll be flexible where we can, if an extra few minutes are needed to wrap up a conversation. In general, it’s very important we stick to our appointed time and keep the cogs running smoothly so we’re not running late for anyone else. If the issue we’re discussing is so complex it needs a significant amount of extra time, a new session will need to be booked.

For contract reviews, if Media Arts Lawyers anticipates it’s not possible to complete a review within the 45-minute allocated time frame (or for any other reason, such as a conflict of interest that means they can’t accept the booking), they’ll notify you in advance and provide an estimate for what they feel is required to properly help. From there you can move ahead with the updated estimate or choose not to continue (at which point the fee is refunded to you).

Who will be providing the consultation?

When you book your appointment you’ll be asked to choose a specific producer from our team of professionals or be assigned to the next available person. We’ll also make a decision on our end on who will be the person best equipped to help you. Please note, there may be times when the producer you’ve picked is unavailable at the last minute. Rest assured we’ll hook you up with another fabulous, experienced producer in their place.

All of our producers are highly trained in commercial art production and have years of experience in dealing with all the questions, complications and intricacies of the industry. Either way, you’re in great hands. If you want to read more about who we are and what we do, head to our about page.

The only time you won’t be helped by a producer is when you book in for a Contract Review by Media Arts Lawyers. To make sure you get the best possible advice, all contract reviews are undertaken by our legal eagle Yasmin Naghavi and her team at Media Arts Lawyers (more information in the next FAQ). Now, if that’s not a secret weapon, we don’t know what is.

Are you lawyers?

The Corvid team of producers are not trained lawyers. However, we have seen, reviewed and negotiated thousands of contracts in our time, so we know our stuff. We can provide you solid general guidance, but for ultimate peace of mind it’s best to have things vetted formally by a lawyer. In cases where this might be needed, we can arrange this for you as an add-on with our fabulous legal eagles at Media Arts Lawyers.

If you choose the specific contract review service, this is booked directly with Media Arts Lawyers anyway, to make sure you get the best possible legal guidance.

Yasmin Naghavi heads up the creative industries and employment practices team at Media Arts Lawyers. Yasmin is highly experienced in the world of illustration and design and has encountered innumerable contracts and scenarios–you’re in very safe hands with Yasmin and her team.

Who are Media Arts Lawyers?

For over 20 years, Media Arts Lawyers have given practical and commercial legal advice to clients in the entertainment, media and creative industries. Acting for high-profile talent and multinational companies alongside emerging and fledgling projects, they set the benchmark for creatively strategic legal solutions–no matter the deal size. Their combined experience means they have the skill, deep networks, lateral thinking and foresight to achieve the best commercial outcomes for their clients. They’re so good, in fact, they’re the same people we use for all of our own legal needs.

What does the contract review service include?

When you book one of these appointments, a lawyer from the Creative Industries team at Media Arts Lawyers will review your contract offline before walking you through 5 key contractual terms over a 25-minute phone call, explaining what it states and how it might affect your practice or delivery of your services.

The review will cover the following key terms:

  1. Term: What time commitments are you guaranteeing in relation to your services or works?
  2. Grant of Rights: Are you licensing or assigning your works and are you giving away more than you think you are?
  3. Portfolio Use: Can you use the work in your portfolio?
  4. Termination: How can the agreement be terminated?
  5. Warranties: What promises and representations are you making?

What is not included in the contract review service?

Although Media Arts Lawyers may provide general observations in addition to what’s included in the standard Contract Review service (see above FAQ for more detail on the five key terms covered), they can only do so at their sole discretion if there is enough time. If you have a specific area of concern or require further assistance not covered in the standard contract review, Media Arts Lawyers will be happy to provide you with an estimate for the additional advice or assistance. In other words, any matter not expressly included in the standard contract review service will be estimated (and paid for separately) or will otherwise not form part of the advice given.

I’ve booked a contract review. What if my agreement relates to a jurisdiction outside of Australia or New Zealand?

Many of the key negotiating points in design and illustration contracts are universal. This means a lot of what is being negotiated doesn’t directly relate to legislation (even if the agreement is governed by the laws of a particular country). For example, understanding whether the agreement relates to an assignment or licence is a matter of contract law. Ultimately, the purpose of the review is to help you understand the agreement, which is something Yasmin Naghavi and her team at Media Arts Lawyers excel at.

If you require territory-specific advice outside of Australia or New Zealand, Media Arts Lawyers are not qualified to provide such advice and will notify you in advance. If required, they're also happy to find a local lawyer to assist you with the specifics.

I need an appointment ASAP. How soon can I book one?

We have a minimum booking window of 4 hours, to allow time to get across all the information you’ve provided and come back to you with advice. Appointments are held during standard business hours, but with offices in Melbourne and New York we cover a lot of ground.

During the booking process you’ll be able to see the next available appointment time for your preferred producer. If you need help sooner than what’s displayed, send us an email at consult@corv.id and we’ll do what we can to help.

How can I make sure you’re able to give me the best advice?

We want to make sure we make the most of your appointment, so it’s super important you give us as much information as possible when booking. Your producer will be reviewing everything you’ve sent through in full detail before the call, so that they can be ready to give you as much helpful information as possible. Be sure to be clear about any specific questions you want answered and give us as much information about the project, client, or your work as you can. The booking form outlines the questions we need you to answer. When in doubt, the more information the better!

Will you speak to my client for me?

No. Corvid Consult is a direct appointment with you, so we can help you figure out the best way to manage projects and clients on your own. However, if you’re looking for someone to handle discussions and negotiations with your client on your behalf, you’ll want to check out Corvid Companion! This is a more comprehensive service for those situations where you need a full-time partner by your side.

What languages and territories do you work in?

We have offices in New York (USA) and Melbourne (Australia). Despite our attempts at Italian language tapes, our producers are fluent in English only. We have, however, worked with English-speaking clients across the globe and can give advice on a variety of markets.

If you are based in Europe, your enquiry will be handled by our New York team.

I’ve had to sign an NDA for this project. What am I allowed to share with you?

If your client has had you sign an NDA (a non-disclosure agreement), any information you share with us must be kept general enough so you don’t breach the agreement. We aren’t liable if you breach any clause of your agreement. If you’re ever unsure, check with your client first.

A word of warning—we’ve seen an increase in NDAs that sneak in dangerous clauses such as usage and IP grabs. Please make sure to read your NDAs carefully to ensure you don’t sign away your rights before you have any information about the project. When in doubt, seek peace of mind by checking with a lawyer.